The Rev. Bruce Waldron is a United Reformed Church minister of Australian descent who came to Sawston Free Church on 24th April 2009. Bruce is married to Sharn and they have two children and four grandchildren in Australia.

Bruce is passionate about the relevance of Jesus’ message for a world that is hurting so much from injustice and division, environmental irresponsibility and lack of comprehension of the way God calls us to be.


From the Minister’s Desk 19th October 2017


I read in the paper this morning that the Universal Credit scheme is being rolled out, despite the concerns of MPs from both sides of the House.

The concerns revolve primarily around the six week waiting time.  This can be solved, some say, by an appeal for a loan.

It seems blatantly obvious that the people making these decisions have no idea what it is like to be poor.  They cannot, for some reason, comprehend that for many people, existence is hand to mouth, that every penny is watched, that there is often an anxiety about whether there will be enough to buy food for the table for the evening, let alone six weeks away.

For the poor, it is often a case of trying to make things stretch out to get through the day, or the week, and often people go to be worrying about where on earth they are going to be able to find the money for the rent, for the petrol, for the bus fare, for the utility bill, for the credit on the phone that ran out yesterday.  Thank goodness for scrapping the iniquitous 55p per minute charge on the helpline. It is madness that it was ever there in the first place.

I wonder if there is a crazy idea that if the government makes being poor even more unbearable, the poor will somehow stop doing it, being poor that is.  Or perhaps they, the government of the moment, simply have not the capacity to imagine what it is like.  Government is for all the people, not just the rich, so that imagination should be there.

Compassion sits at the heart of our Christian faith, and our responsibility to challenge when compassion is absent.  It is absent here, in this legislation and treatment of the poor, and it should not be.

Rev. Bruce Waldron