The Rev. Bruce Waldron is a United Reformed Church minister of Australian descent who came to Sawston Free Church on 24th April 2009. Bruce is married to Sharn and they have two children and four grandchildren in Australia.

Bruce is passionate about the relevance of Jesus’ message for a world that is hurting so much from injustice and division, environmental irresponsibility and lack of comprehension of the way God calls us to be.

From the Minister’s Desk, 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas!
Jesus was born and laid down in an improvised cradle made of a manger, so Merry Christmas to all people on the move; the refugees, the homeless, the anxious, the displaced, the worried, the insecure, the homeless.

He was visited by Shepherds who had been guided by angels, so Merry Christmas to you farmers, and rural workers, labourers and you people who sit and look up into the night skies and wonder at the vastness of eternity and wonder where God is, or what God is like.

He was born to a young couple with an uncertain parentage issue, so Merry Christmas to you who have babies but find the whole family business complicated and fraught, and wish there was an angel to tell you it will be alright.

He was born in a borrowed room, so Merry Christmas to all you B&B and pub people who try to find ways of accommodating the rush of holiday season and sometimes have to work very hard to look after the people who find themselves in crisis on holiday.  May your compassion find a way.

Jesus was born, and Mary treasured all these things in her heart, so Merry Christmas to you young mums who are besotted with your baby, and to those who are having difficult breast feeding, and to you who are worried about whether your baby will be alright, and Merry Christmas to you dads who are standing by, supporting, loving, worrying if you are going to be a good enough dad.  Treasure these moments and know that a life will be shaped by this treasuring, so Merry Christmas.  God is with you too.

Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, especially you folk who have to work over Christmas in A&E, or Fire Service, or Police or emergency workers and people who don’t get the day of.  God came among us for all people, so Merry Christmas to you all.

And to you people who are the church, whatever your badge, shape or size, for without you no one would be telling and retelling the story, so thank you, for telling it again for old people and ancient people and toddlers and teenagers and in-betweeners.  God bless and keep you telling the story, and Merry Christmas.

It is a celebration:  God loves us.  God is with us.  Merry Christmas.