The Rev. Bruce Waldron is a United Reformed Church minister of Australian descent who came to Sawston Free Church on 24th April 2009. Bruce is married to Sharn and they have two children and four grandchildren in Australia.

Bruce is passionate about the relevance of Jesus’ message for a world that is hurting so much from injustice and division, environmental irresponsibility and lack of comprehension of the way God calls us to be.

From the Minister’s Desk: Sunday 11th June.  Trinity Sunday
It was a normal day, in some ways.  I was just a minister of a church, heading down to a sister church to be a part of a shared service.  So it was, in a way, normal.

Except that some four hundred and fifty years ago, non-conformists split off from the Anglican Church. In 1662, several thousand ministers were ejected from their ministries because they wouldn’t conform to the legal demand that ministers must conduct worship using the prayer book.  These ministers did not want to have the state telling them how to lead people in worship.  And so, a great rift happened. Communion was only allowed to be taken by those who followed the book, and the others began the non-conformist churches.

Some 450 years later, in this village, a grey haired non-conformist minister walks down to St. Mary’s church where both his congregation and the Anglican congregations are gathering, and with his friend, the Anglican minister, co-celebrates communion.  In this simple act, the four hundred and fifty year-old divisions of politics and power are wiped away, in an act of shared love of Christ and his way.

We’ve done this three years in a row now.  Isn’t it wonderful to be undoing the folly of hundreds of years in a simple, homely, loving, faithful act, just because we know that by God, together, we are loved and accepted.  I wish all such divisions might be taken away by trust and love.

From the Minister’s Desk: Wednesday 14th June.
I get my purpose and God’s purpose so easily mixed up.

When I am in conflict with a person, how do I hang onto that imperative, that I am here for God’s purpose and not my own?

How do I disseminate between my own emotions,
and the remembering that I am not here to protect myself, or deal with how a person is concerning what I believe, what they think of me, what they might have said that hurts?
I am here to deal with that person for God.
But I cannot do that unless I am clear in my own heart and mind, that it is for God I am here, not for myself.
Lord, restore your presence, your peace, your purpose and your will, in me.
Let me die to self, and be alive to you.
Only then will true perspective fill my mind
my words
my actions
and be blessing,
your blessing.