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Wintershall “The Passion of Christ”


For several years now I have wondered what it would be like to go down to Trafalgar Square on Good Friday to see the Wintershall Passion of Christ. Well this year we actually got there and it is hard to describe what a very moving experience it was.

As we had only just got back from holiday a couple of days earlier and were busy getting ready for family to arrive over Easter this was rather a last minute decision. On looking up the Wintershall website we discovered there were two performances, the first at 12 noon and then 3:15 so we thought we might get there for the later one.

Travelling by car and tube, we arrived at Leicester Square station about 3pm and quickly walked down the hill. On rounding the corner of the Nation Portrait Gallery the sight in Trafalgar Square was amazing. There were huge crowds everywhere; people sitting and standing expectantly, all over the steps and around the walls looking towards the stage in the middle. Within a few minutes we managed to find a suitable place to stand at the top of some steps. We could see the big screens easily and a little of the stage between the rows of heads in front.

Very soon the play started with the Narrator and we were immediately transported into the story of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and soon forgot we were standing in London. The sound system was wonderful; the actors could be heard easily and moved extensively about the stage area over the next hour and a half.

As you can see below I managed to take one or two pictures above people’s heads but of course you needed to be there to experience the hush and emotion of the crowd as Jesus was nailed to the cross. Also the elation and spontaneous clapping of this huge crowd when Jesus in white robes reappeared to Mary and then the disciples after His resurrection.

If you want to know more I suggest going to the Wintershall Estate website and looking up The Passion of Christ where you can see the whole play. There is also a link to the other plays they perform.



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