Welcome to Sawston Free Church

Despite our church buildings being closed, we felt we would still like to observe Holy Week and Easter. So we have an empty cross on display outside the church at the moment. We will decorate it suitably on Good Friday, and again for Easter Sunday Morning to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection with the village.Please take the time to walk past the church if you can during your daily exercise.

The new format weekly notes are being put on the notices page as usual.
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It is with deep regret that the Elders of Sawston Free Church announce that we are suspending Sunday morning services as of now for the foreseeable future. We have taken this very difficult decision in response to the recent news on the development of the Coronavirus crisis. We have a large number of members who are considered vulnerable and therefore need to distance themselves from others to protect their own health and so we need to suspend all services and meetings.

However, Sawston Free Church itself is not suspended – we plan to keep in touch with each other whether it’s by phone, skype, our website or Facebook. Resources are becoming available to us in the absence of ‘live’ worship, and we will share more information on that with you very shortly.

As ever, please call us or email if you need support or a chin wag or both.

Don’t forget that our Sermons page contains a good selection of  past sermons preached in our church. Listen to ones you missed, or enjoy repeating the good ones!

This is a message from the URC Daily Devotions team:

From this Sunday we will send out, at 10am, a service in both written and audio format.  This will have the feel of a service on the radio in our style with well known URC people leading worship.  There will be prayers and hymns to join in with as we pray together.  There will also be, from time to time, a chance to share bread and wine together – the first such opportunity will be on Easter Sunday.

Here is the link for more information. https://devotions.urc.org.uk/

We would like to share this prayer from the URC with you …

God our refuge,
we seek your protection.
Protect the vulnerable from illness:
those who are old and frail,
weakened by years and struggle;
those who care for others,
expending energy and love;
those for whom inability to work
means hardship and poverty.

Protect us
from the greed and suspicion
which snatches at our own security
stock-piling and panic-buying
that deprives others of the necessities of life.

Protect us from the shortsightedness
which sees the germ in our own eyes
and ignores the plagues
of hunger, war and violence
that take so many lives each day.

Protect us from the isolation
that leads to loneliness and despair
denying the interconnectedness
that links us with one another.

God our refuge
in our panic and fear
may we not lose sight of our common humanity
that makes us one people in you. Amen.

With every blessing,

Maggie, Mary, Yvonne, Sue, Anne, Mike