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Welcome to our website. Sawston Free Church is a United Reformed Church in partnership with the Methodist Church. We have a long history of engagement in village life and you can see by our Vision Statement that we continue to see this as central to our sense of who God has called us to be; God’s blessing to our community.

In the wake of the right wing terrorist attack on Muslims last week.
I read an ISIS post, where they asked why the attacker who drove the van wasn’t shot dead?  I bet they never expected the answer to be that an Imam protected him from the enraged crowds who wanted to kill him.  The two responses demonstrate the huge disparity between people of violence and people of peace, be they Christian, Muslim, British or Syrian.  The divide between us is not about race or expression of faith, but about those who work for peace, justice and compassion and those who pursue hate and hurt.  I know which side Jesus stood on and I’ll follow that way with everything I’ve got.  And when I find people of my own or different faith or race or colour who also want peace, justice and compassion, then I have found a brother or sister.
Rev. Bruce Waldron


The Great CamCRAG Nappy Convoy
– nappies and sanitary towels for Greece!

We are trying to collect as many nappies and sanitary towels as we can in just 3 weeks! We want to support CalAID, a group we have visited in northern Greece, who are sending a container out. Nappies and sanitary towels are expensive in Greece and are desperately needed refugees there.

Can you organise a collection at work?
Do you have contacts with a parent/toddler group?
Or links with a church or mosque?
Are you part of a women’s group, or can you donate a packet yourself?

We will need all the donations by Friday 7th July

I am very happy for people to leave them with me at the church or on the garden seat in front of the Manse, which is off the Sawston Free Church/OWL Cafe car-park.
or you can email  camb4calaisconvoys@gmail.com

Polar Explorers Poster 2017 1.0 (2)

The Polar Explorers Holiday Club    

Bellbird School 24th – 28th July

If you enjoyed last years Champions Challenge Holiday Club then you’ll love this one.  Each day from 9.30 – 3.30, Fun, activities, songs, crafts, challenges, puppets and much more.  Sign up on the form below or phone the Minister for more information.

Polar Explorer’s Registration Form