Welcome to Sawston Free Church

Welcome to our website. Sawston Free Church is a United Reformed Church in partnership with the Methodist Church. We have a long history of engagement in village life and you can see by our Vision Statement that we continue to see this as central to our sense of who God has called us to be; God’s blessing to our community.

The Hustings at Sawston Free Church has been re-scheduled to Saturday 3rd June at 7.30pm, because of the Manchester bombing.
Our hearts go out to the victims and their  families. One can only imagine what sort of world it would be if people of this calibre ever gained much control. They must be resisted with every ounce of courage and strength the British people have.

We hold in our prayers the victims, families, police, medical staff and the people of the city who have been so terribly shocked by this.  It is not possible to imagine how any person could think that indiscriminately killing children is good thing to do. What kind of people can sink that low.

General Elections Hustings, Sawston Free Church  7.30pm Saturday 3rd June

Candidates: Dan Greef (Labour), Heidi Allen (Conservative), Simon Saggers (Greens), Susan van de Ven (Liberal Democrats)

Please come prepared to ask your questions of the candidates.  Questioners will be limited to thirty seconds and responses will be limited to two minutes.  This will allow us to cover a wide range of questions.

                              Polar Explorers Holiday Club                                                                 Bellbird School 24th – 28th July

If you enjoyed last years Champions Challenge Holiday Club then you’ll love this one.  Each day from 9.30 – 3.30, Fun, activities, songs, crafts, challenges, puppets and much more.  Sign up on the form below or phone the Minister for more information.

Polar Explorer’s Registration Form