OWL cafe

The OWL Café

The Opportunities Without Limits (OWL) cafe was set up at Sawston Free Church around 15 years ago and run by a local committee and trustees. The Papworth Trust has run the café since 2009.

The cafe has been vital in providing people with learning difficulties an opportunity to gain work experience and interact with people from the village. The cafe also sends between 20 to 30 meals on wheels each day to disabled and vulnerable people around the village.

We are saddened to hear that, having reviewed its operations and in the light of significant financial losses at the café in recent years, the Papworth Trust will not be renewing its lease at Sawston Free Church when it expires on 31 July. The OWL Café will cease trading at the end of business on the 25th May.

We understand that the Papworth Trust will be continuing to run its OWL centre at the south end of Sawston where an activities centre and a bicycle shop operate.

We believe the OWL cafe has been a valuable asset to the village, and an important means of allowing local people to develop skills and gain experience.

Sawston Free Church is keen to utilise the space in a community oriented way and will be exploring all options in pursuit of that goal.