Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week 2020

Christian Aid week is from May 9-16th.  As this year all fundraising events had been cancelled, we are still celebrating Christian Aid Week and the work it does and what it is doing at the present.  Covid-19 has impacted the poorer countries of the world as you can imagine. They are struggling with healthcare and loss of income during this Lockdown time. We are asking you all to please support this charity and instead of supporting our events, or using the envelopes in the church Do this by donating on the Christian Aid website ( telephone 0207 523 2269). Alternatively you could give us a cheque (made payable to Christian Aid) or cash. These can be collected from your homes if you let us know.

On May 10th we will hold a Christian Aid service on Zoom, led by the Rev Paul Whittle and that week there will be daily worship streamed from their website and a daily fun quiz!

Please support this charity if you are able.

Thank you, and stay safe Mary, Pam and Tony.